Preparatory School


Our Preparatory School is an environment which focuses on guiding every child in their uniqueness and assisting them to reach their full potential. Each child is celebrated and praised for their achievements.

virtues and values

We feel it is important that life skills such as reflection, respect, self-discipline and co-operation are valued and promoted. These skills, coupled with the required academic stipulations, allow our children to have balanced mind-sets which include an environmental consciousness.

Ultimately, our Preparatory School is a safe, warm, fun, stress-free environment which allows children to strive, grow and be progressive individuals. We believe in equipping and empowering our children to be able to face ‘real world’ challenges with confidence, emotional balance and sound thought.


Smaller classes enable teachers to work with the framework given by the CAPS curriculum, so that learning is not bound to pure academic content, but balanced with life skills too. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the basis of success in all spheres of life.

Critical thinking, hands-on learning, problem solving and reflection are highly valued skills built into the integrated syllabus. Standing tall, being accountable, kindness and a 100% respect 100% of the time are the prized values, resulting in an all-encompassing learning programme. Collaborative activities allow our children to learn from one another, discussions enable thoughts and ideas to be explored, and stimulating activities ensure the children engage actively during their learning day.

Singapore Maths is followed from Grade 1 to Grade 6.  Based on grasping concepts practically before cognitive comprehension, it includes problem solving as a large part of the learning process, thereby teaching children to look at challenges from all angles and to know that solutions are a journey of discovery.

A Growth Mind-set approach which significantly reduces anxiety and builds confidence, is foremost in our minds and coupled with loving support, leads to children who are secure and ready to think for themselves.  Our children learn to embrace mistakes, knowing that it is through these mistakes, the most effective learning occurs.


Our children comfortably face formal and informal assessments, even the traditional type exams which are gently introduced in Grade 4.  The assessment programme includes non-academic elements such as time management skills, organisation skills and collaboration.

the school day

Our school day is busy and packed with opportunity for growth.

Bush Lore lessons nurture our children’s love for and respect of the earth, creative activities like Drama and Art facilitate right-brain development, relaxation and expression, whilst sport ensures healthy bodies that support healthy minds. ‘Family Groups’ build inter-age relationships, assemblies allow for guidance and stimulating discussion and impromptu events such as interactive math days and spirit galas, add to the fun and make our school a good place to be in. Our children receive an education that builds a deep, broad academic foundation with strong support skills for later schooling.

extra murals

Southern Cross Preparatory School offers a variety of activities for learners to grow their passions and skills outside of the academic curriculum.

Mountain Biking
Computer Club
Drama Club
Art Club
Eco Club
Athletics and Swimming
Netball and Soccer
Cricket and Hockey
Swimming, Boys Hockey and Girls Cricket

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