About Us

Who we are

Southern Cross Schools is situated in a unique learning environment. Our deep rooted connection to the environment, coupled with outstanding IEB academic learning, supported by expert staff who are innately able to connect with learners and inspire individual potential, provides an education of choice.

Located on a residential wildlife estate with over 1100 hectares of bushveld and plains game on the outskirts of the Greater Kruger National Park, our learners are afforded the opportunity to experience the environment on a personal level, encouraging them to acquire a genuine consciousness for the importance of sustainability on a global scale. With this foundation, we empower our learners with the tools they need to make a difference in our ever changing world. A celebration of diversity, progress and the power of collaboration, our learners emerge ready to lead and inspire change.

“We may not know exactly what lies ahead for our learners in the future, but we have the advantage of knowing many of the skills they will need once they get there.”

how we learn

Moving into a new way of learning, Southern Cross Schools is modernising many of its learning methods.

A collaborative learning environment, together with focused and personal support from highly qualified teachers and mentors, allows our learners to discover who they are and how to apply their individual skills to the collective environment, both academically and socially.

We believe confident children achieve greatness.  At Southern Cross Schools, our goal is to ensure that at every level, the learners feel confident, engaged, academically equipped and always inspired.

We aim to enable our learners to walk confidently into their future whatever it holds, with the academic achievements, practical skills and self-belief that will enable success in whatever they choose to do.

"The greatest gift you can give a child is confidence."
- Gill Porter

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