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What The Olympic Games Has Taught Us

August 5, 2021

Over the last 3 weeks, the grade 7’s have been learning about the Olympic Games. This year the Olympics are being held in Tokyo- Japan, this is a country with an amazing history and cultural heritage. While the Olympic Games is all about athletes from all over the world competing to be the best in their sport, the ethos and values behind the Games teaches so much more. The values that underpin the Olympic Games are also values that we as the Southern Cross Schools family hold true.


SCS values are: “STARS”- Spirit, Tenacity, Acceptance, Respect and Sustainability, these values are synonymous with the Olympic values:

·      Excellence- Striving for success and celebrating your achievements, while showing humility and joy for others. Remember success is not only about winning, but also about having tenacity and doing your very best.

·      Respect- for others and their differences, as well as for rules that make the game fair and fun for all to enjoy.

·      Friendship- the importance of developing relationships with all we encounter. It is not possible to be friends with everyone, but it is possible to be polite, friendly and accepting of all people.


This year the Olympic motto is: “United in Emotion” this has been particularly relevant in the place that we find ourselves in our world and South Africa today. The idea behind this motto has allowed for discussion and reflection on some of the challenges that our world and South Africa have faced over the past year. The key thing that has come through is that when people share in emotion and believe in the greater good, they will come together for the success and betterment of all.


Celebration and festivities are a way of creating spirit and togetherness. In Japan, one of the interesting cultural festivals that takes place each year is The Tanabata Festival or The Festival of Stars. It is a festival based on a Japanese folktale in which true love wins through, this is symbolised by the coming together of two stars. The festival celebrates hopes and dreams, as well as the belief that anything is possible, if you have the right spirit and tenacity. By wishing good things for others, you will bring positive energy and good things into your own life. During this festival in Japan, brightly coloured paper decorations and “Wish Cards”(tanzaku) are hung in bamboo trees, on the 7th day of the 7th month for all to see. Our Grade 7’s, under the guidance of Amelia Viegas, created some origami cranes. Origami is an ancient Japanese paper folding art and cranes symbolise life.

The Grade 7’s have also created various paper decorations and wish cards, which will be hung in trees, in the “Founders Circle”.

By: Colleen Taylor


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