Athletics Day for the Whole School

January 31, 2024

The 2024 athletics season kicked off with our Inter-house Athletics day. In a ground breaking move for Southern Cross Schools, we unified our athletics day across all three schools: Pre, Prep, and College. Describing it as a triumph would be an understatement.

The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as all learners enthusiastically participated, fostering healthy competition among the various houses. The presence of numerous families, rallying behind and uplifting their children, added to the event's splendour. Despite intense rivalry, the camaraderie among competitors was remarkable, with children supporting and bolstering one another's spirits.


Participating in the Prep and College athletics day made the Grade R children feel incredibly grown-up! After dedicated practice throughout the week, these young stars approached their sprint and skills races with admirable seriousness, even mastering the 'professional' start with pride. For us, the emphasis lies not on podium finishes, but on fostering confidence and courage through active participation.

Prep School

In the Prep School, learners relished the opportunity to witness the feats of the ‘Big Kids’, urging them to strive for greater speed, distance, and effort. Meanwhile, the Junior Prep children revelled in the joyous atmosphere of the fun races and shorter sprints. Falcon House claimed the victory trophy in the Prep Inter-house athletics day, earning a well-deserved round of applause.


At the College level, learners delighted in observing the Grade R children' earnest efforts in the fun races and witnessing the enjoyment of their younger peers. Intense competition characterized the College houses, showcasing a multitude of talents and exceptional performances across various events. The teachers versus parents versus College relay emerged as a highlight, with raucous support echoing from the stands. Harrier House emerged triumphant in the College Inter-house athletics day.

Special recognition goes to Nqwele Mhlanga and Ryan Grigoratos for their Junior Victrix Ludorum and Victor Ludorum awards, while Aurette Ferreira and Malwandla Ndlovu clinched the titles of Senior Victrix Ludorum and Senior Victor Ludorum.

In summary, the day was a resounding success, ensuring that all future Inter-house Athletics days will follow this combined format. We extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed in any capacity or attended to show support; the enduring spirit of the SCS community shone brightly throughout.

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