'the Ntshembo project’

March 3, 2021

Ntshembo - Hope, Care, Compassion

The Southern Cross Schools College has dived straight into 2021. The Community Service Committee already has its first of many projects underway. This committee is ready for a full year of hard work and optimism. To kick the year off, the committee has launched their umbrella project – ‘the Ntshembo project’.

Ntshembo means hope in Tsonga and the launch of this banner allows a space for Southern Cross Schools to make a real difference.  

The first project under the banner of ‘the Ntshembo project’ is ‘The Toy Box Project’. The aim is to fill six large wooden boxes with pre-loved toys, books and educational activities. These will be donated to 6 selected pre-primary schools in our local community. The outside of these boxes will also serve as a teaching tool for teachers to use to teach colours, shapes and so much more.

While “The Toy Box Project" is being finalized, two other branches to ‘the Ntshembo project’ are speeding ahead. The Animal Outreach Project and The School Shoe Project allowed for donations to PAWS and Hlokomela to take place during a recent assembly.  

Excitement is tangible in community service committee meetings.  

Discussions around focusing on ecological and sustainable element in each project is paramount. These are the first of many projects for 2021.

‘The Ntshembo project’ will spread hope in our local and extended community making significant differences to people’s daily lives by providing hope.

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