Step 2: Diversifying Subject Choice!

May 25, 2020

Tourism as an online subject, was an addition to our choice subject packages and it was not the only subject made available for the 2020 academic year.

Southern Cross Schools has always celebrated and encouraged each learner’s abilities.  Some have a flair for art, some for geography, some want to be conservationists and some want to be journalists.  Some also want to be engineers and actuarial scientists, hence the decision was made to offer Advanced Programme Mathematics as an online subject.

This 3-year course is for learners who want to achieve excellent results in the subject.  It requires hard work and a positive mind-set.  It will enhance mathematical creativity and logical reasoning of problems in the physical and social world and in the context of mathematics itself.

AP Mathematics is valuable for any learner who intends to pursue a career in the physical, mathematical, financial, computer, life, earth, space and environmental sciences or in technology.  It also supports the pursuance of careers in the economic, management and social sciences. By completing the AP Mathematics course learners will definitely be in a strong position to proceed in any mathematically related career they decide to follow.  

AP Mathematics is an online subject which is additional to the other 7 subjects learners are required to take.


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