October 23, 2023

The SCS Pre-school team's expertise in organisation and entertainment shone once again during their annual Pre-school Sports Day, which was a resounding success.


Each child, from the tiniest Earth Tot to the tallest Gr R, had the chance to demonstrate their growth. As educators, we understand that children learn from one another, with the younger ones observing and emulating the actions and behaviours of their older peers. Simultaneously, older children learn about sensitivity and thoughtfulness while extending kindness to the younger children.


The day commenced with an Olympic-style parade on the AstroTurf, accompanied by a heartfelt rendition of the South African anthem, setting the tone for the vibrant and age-appropriate competitive events.


The races were thoughtfully designed not only to test physical and cognitive abilities, but also to reflect the school's values of teamwork and celebrating individuality. The youngest participants were simply adorable as they imitated puppies, crawling to retrieve their lost teddy bears and "sprint-toddling" into their parents' arms. The older athletes wowed the crowd with their jumping, skipping, and dribbling skills, showcasing excellent hand-eye and gross motor coordination through a fast-paced skills course. They also enjoyed a delightful and bouncy Egg and Spoon race.


The Dress the Teacher race featured the children's specialist teachers, symbolising the school's sense of family. The day wrapped up with the whole-school Sack Race, and even the moms, dads, and spectators had their share of laughter during a relay race.


The teachers at SCS Pre-school understand the significance of making each child feel like a champion. The relaxed atmosphere they foster on this day alleviates the pressure on children to perform, allowing for the celebration of success on multiple levels.


An event of this magnitude requires the collective effort of many, from ground staff to management, teachers, assistants, and parents. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who contributed and participated; it truly was a joyous and exceptional occasion.

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