SCS Drummers: They keep on rolling…

May 23, 2023


2023 has been a year of incredible opportunities for our drumming squad. From multiple local performances to a tour in the big city of Johannesburg, the drummers have sent a very clear message to the world: “We are here!”

The year may have started slowly for some, but the SCS drumming squad had to jump into action straight away. Due to performances most weekends, word of the drummers spread, and this message even reached international guests. For instance, after a powerful performance at Motswari Lodge, a post on Facebook had people from all over the world commenting on just how amazing our school drummers are, including people from the United States and Pakistan!

An idea sparked at the beginning of the year to take the drummers to Johannesburg and showcase our talents. Planning started with a vengeance - it takes a lot more organising to send 16 people than one would think. Transport, food, accommodation, the bills were stacking high, so were everyone’s efforts.

Mr Wuth and Ms Potgieter, alongside parents, worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality. The drummers performed at multiple local events in an effort to raise funds and gain support from the community in order to go on this tour. From markets to lodges, the beat of the djembe drums could be heard. Finally, thanks to multiple donors and hard work from the drummers and organisers, the fundraising was a success, and the drummers were packed into a bus and made the journey to the big city.

With a total of 7 performances at various schools, markets, and festivals, the drummers made a definite statement. With hundreds of onlookers and a cheerful vibe, the squad ‘rolled’ their way through Johannesburg. It was an opportunity we were all grateful for and made the most of. It isn’t often that little Southern Cross Schools learners become celebrities. Unfortunately, all good things had to come to an end, and the squad made our way back to Hoedspruit very satisfied with what we had accomplished.

Not long after our arrival back home, we were invited back to Johannesburg to perform at ‘Forest Sessions’, a concert where some of SA’s top artists perform. What an opportunity to open a festival for some of the biggest musical personalities in South Africa! After some organising and another drive to Johannesburg, we found ourselves performing alongside Jesse Clegg, Louise Carver, Ross Learmonth (from Prime Circle), andJust Jinjer. This was nothing like anything we had ever done before and we loved performing in front of 2000 people. We could not believe where we were and just how far we had come.

Back in the little town of Hoedspruit and still drumming as much as we can, the drumming squad reflects on what we have achieved and are waiting for our next big performance. We have had our minutes of fame and will continue to work hard as a team. What can we say? We keep on rolling…


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