Power to Women - Black Mambas visit Southern Cross Schools

March 10, 2021

No – not those black mambas! These ‘Black Mambas’ are the world’s 1st all women anti-poaching unit based in Hoedspruit.  

The Southern Cross College Environmental Club had a visit from five beautiful women who form part of this unique anti-poaching unit. The learners were enlightened about what this group of women is involved in, how they work and what their aims are.  

This unit not only focusses on protecting the environment, but also aims to make a difference in local communities so that poaching can be curbed – even if it is slightly curbed.  

Their priority is education. They educate communities about the consequences of poaching because they believe education is the only solution to fighting the problem that faces our country. Communities are educated to understand that tourism is a huge employer and revenue provider and without the animals that people come to view in their natural environment, many lives will be affected by the huge amounts of money lost due to the poaching of our wildlife.

These women are warriors!!

They explained the sadness they experience when they come across a poached female rhino whose calf stands by trying to understand what has just happened.

The Black Mambas work for three weeks in the bush leaving their own families at home. They do this because they know they play an instrumental role on reducing poaching crimes.

They have established a school called ‘Bush Babies’ which educates children in their communities about the environment, teaching them to love the environment, and to protect it. They believe that if they can teach the young children of Africa to preserve their heritage, then they are making an impact.  

They are a true representation of Nelson Mandela’s quote:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

They are truly influencing and changing the world of anti-poaching in their own unique way.  

Gemma-Lee Wiltshire and Jade Mollet

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