People who help us

September 4, 2023

Children are geared to play; it's that simple and in today's wild world this can easily be pushed aside.

At our SCS Pre-school, we know that it is only by using the body's senses, and by creating, imagining and having fun with learning, that information and concepts become meaningful and  understood for littlies. We take this methodology to heart structuring our days' activities with this as the focus. We know that the best ingredient for brain growth is fun!

‘People Who Help Us’ is a great theme with a wide array of learning avenues. In true play-based learning style, an interactive opportunity was planned. Pretend play at this age almost always centres around the family, with family roles assigned - (children's real life events and actions are mimicked and played out to cement their meaning). It then made sense to speak to a person who takes care of others, and a nurse seemed a perfect option!

We were privileged to have Sr. Christine du Preez visit and play with us, and what fun our babies had playing as 'mommies and daddies' taking their 'children' in for a check-up, getting to put on real medical gloves, and learning how to treat their 'child's' bumps and scrapes.

Older children tend to make as if pretend play is too 'little' for them, but in truth they love it just the same. Throwing some slightly more involved discussion and vocabulary on medicines and injuries in the mix, kept them engaged and they played happily at being medical personnel, applying basic first-aid (fake wounds on their arms!).

A bit of history of Florence Nightingale's cape and learning about what a nurse's uniform badges represent brought it all back to the superheroes of our hospitals and clinics, inspiring our youngsters.

The smiles and shining eyes proves the effectiveness of such days; we are happy to go the extra mile for our children.

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