Our Southern Cross Schools Family

January 19, 2021

The Southern Cross Pre-school Family

Southern Cross Schools takes great pride in the knowledge that it’s children genuinely see one another as members of the same family, and this is so evident at the Pre-school

where the Southern Cross family actually begins. It is the inception place for values like kindness, respect, love, joy in learning, appreciation of differences and is an environment where ‘happy learning’ takes place.

Every morning the Pre-school gathers for ‘Family Time’. This involves every child from 6 months old in the Earth Tots class to the 6-year-olds, in the Wild Dog class.  

The routine of Family Time creates a feeling of security and safety as every child knows what to expect. Family Time ensures that the Pre-school children begin their day singing, dancing, laughing and most importantly, learning through play.

From a staff perspective, Family Time is fun and interactive and allows for a discussion of ‘Bucket Filling’, with the emphasis being on kindness. Every child is unique and special and most importantly, LOVED as part of the SCS family.

A family who sing, dance and play together – grow together!

The Southern Cross Schools Preparatory Family  

At Southern Cross Schools the sense of belonging and being part of a family, is paramount.

It is vital that every child feels included and cared for. Therefore, there is a system in place called ‘family groups’. Children in different grades are divided up and put into specific family groups and the Grade 7 learners are the leaders of their families. Year after year, the families stay the same to ensure continuity so that real relationships and bonds are built.

The Grade 7 leaders meet with their family group every Friday. During this time, there is open discussion reflecting on everyone’s’ highs and lows during the week, as well as any important messages which need to be shared.

There are various activities throughout the year which allow for ‘families’ to connect and have fun together. Being part of a ‘family’ is very important and learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7 know that they always have someone who will be there for them in good and difficult times.

The Southern Cross Schools College Family

Like in any family, teenagers form a different branch from the family tree. This branch is one that needs special care, pruning and watering.

The College is a unique family space that cultivates friendships across the grades. Sport, cultural activities and committees are made up of learners from different grades, and this is part of the reason for the missing ‘grade segregation’ that is evident in the College. If you take a walk through the College on any given afternoon, the feeling of comradery and fellowship is tangible.

It is created by an environment where each individual is accepted and praised for their abilities. It is an environment where right is expressed over wrong – by confident voices. It is a place where laughter is heard amongst learners because they feel that this small space in the middle of Limpopo, is the place where they can be themselves without judgement and scrutiny. In the life of a teenager, what more do you need than to feel you belong to a family of people who care.

Hugs are a common occurrence, giggling is a familiar sound, and the term ‘I have got your back’ is an unwritten condition.

Together, the families of Southern Cross Schools create a school that is fun, innovative and empowering, allowing and encouraging young people to bring positive change to the world. It is a space that allows for growth, while ensuring that the roots are embedded in strong, firm earth.    

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