December 13, 2021

As of January this year, Southern Cross Schools introduced an online IEB accredited educational platform at our College. We believe this is the transformative way forward in the new digital era we find ourselves in. The first year has had teething issues which were addressed, and the hybrid model is now dynamic, innovative, exciting and incredibly progressive.


Why Have We Transformed?


The conventional classrooms where teachers stand in front of the classroom and learners diligently listen to a lesson from behind a desk, are no longer relevant or stimulating. Nowadays, learners have the ability to log in at any time and access multiple quality learning platforms –after all – everything is at our fingertips in this day and age.


Digital solutions change the teacher and learner roles.They transform the classroom into an environment where information travels in many directions: teacher-learner, learner-teacher, learner-learner. Internet and digital tools alter the way they learn and turn the process into something fun, dynamic and relevant.


Four Key Points of ourHybrid School Model


·      Classrooms without limits

Learners not only learn when they are in the classroom, digital extensions allow them to interact with the content and the teacher at any time. In addition, they have access to endless content, information, and resources.


·      Role of the teacher 

Teachers no longer transmit knowledge in one direction. They are now facilitators and mentors, instrumental in the individual development of learners. They promote and encourage collaboration, problem solving and creativity. Technological tools should never be regarded as a substitute for teachers, on the contrary, the tools enhance their role.


·      Personalised learning 

Thanks to the flexibility of digital tools, learners are no longer passive subjects in education. Now they can define and determine their own achievements. They benefit from an individualised, interactive and stimulating learning process.


·      Greater motivation 

By using their own language and following dynamic and interactive learning methods, learners have achieved greater satisfaction and outcomes. Mentors benefit from this extra motivation in their learners and the advantages technology offers, adds enormous value.


As a school, we constantly strive to inspire and empower our Southern Cross Schools College learners to be pioneering, progressive and self-motivated in their approach to everything they endeavour to achieve. In order to be agile and future-fit, we recognise that change in the education industry was necessary to transform and improve learning outcomes. We have embraced this change and are incredibly proud to have developed our own hybrid model of schooling and education.  



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