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Meet the SCS family: Amy Evans – Grade 2 Class Teacher

July 21, 2021


·       How long have you been at SCS?


Greetings! My name is Amy- Rose Evans. I have had the privilege of being at Southern Cross Schools for the past 12 and a bit years. Currently I am the Grade 2 class teacher, but since being here, have moved between Grade 6, 4 and 2 classes. I have also been the Senior House Parent of Tamboti Boarding House for the past 9 years.



·       What drew you to Southern Cross Schools and what keeps you here?


I made the move from KZN with my son, Gawaine, as it looked like a wonderful school for us both to attend – me as a teacher and him as a learner. It was a huge move in that we did not know a single soul when we arrived!


Having grown up in Zululand and frequently spent time in the Zululand parks, I was excited to be surrounded by nature while teaching. My love for the bush and all things natural is what has continued to keep me at SCS along with the ethos of our beautiful school.  



·       How do you see SCS as being different?


SCS looks at children becoming balanced human beings while celebrating the uniqueness of each child.


Being in the bush sets us apart in one aspect, but the family unity within a small school also makes it incredibly special. Whether a learner, parent, teacher, admin, cleaner or part of the maintenance crew, one quickly becomes acquainted and fond of each member of the ‘family’.


This is a happy place to be.


·       What is your lifetime dream?


If I can make a difference in a child – that they learn to be kind and enjoy the many facets of school, as well as in still a love and respect for all things living and our Earth as a whole, then I am satisfied that I have fulfilled my role.



·       If you could name one positive thing that SCS has taught you, what would it be?


SCS has positively reaffirmed in me that being unique is something to celebrate, even as an adult, and that collaboration is paramount.  

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