Meet Shayne Hingle

November 15, 2022

 Introduction and how long have you been at SCS?

I am Shayne Hingle and I started at the school in July 2017 as the College Secretary. In 2018, when Mickey Viegas was made Headmaster of the 3 schools, as well as Sabi Sand (the SCS satellite school), my role changed and I became his PA. I manage HR matters and am also the School Counsellor.


 What drew you to this school?

I consider myself an optimist, a ‘glass half-full’ person and when I had my interview in 2017, I felt an energetic, effervescent, full of life vibe at the school and knew that I wanted to be part of that vibrancy. By being at SCS, not only am I able to keep my glass half-full, but more often than not, it overflows and that’s because it’s such a fantastic place to work.


What makes SCS so different from other schools or places of work?

‘100% respect, 100% of the time’ is a SCS value which makes us so special and distinctive. One of my roles at SCS is to do school tours and I am always so proud of the warm and respectful welcome our children, learners and staff show towards prospective families. There is no doubt that SCS is unique and that ‘uniqueness’ is not only evident, but tangible too.


What is your lifetime dream or ambition?

From an early age, my ambition was to travel the world and have fun. I have never been afraid of change and viewed challenges that came with change as an opportunity for adventure. I lived and worked abroad for many years and the people I met and the experiences I had along the way, definitely made my lifetime dream a reality.



If you could name one positive thing that SCS has taught you, what would it be?

That caring is sharing and sharing is caring – SCS is a small community, but it does this so well and with so much heart!!

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