Get to know the Southern Cross Schools Family: Paige Bradley

March 24, 2021
1.     How long have you been at SCS?

 I have been at SCS for 11 wonderful months.


2.     What drew you to SCS and what keeps you here? 

Every day that I come to school, whether it is the nyala crossing the road, the herd of impala’s chomping on the greenery, the giraffes passing amongst the bushes behind the classroom or the warthogs on their knees feeding on the grass around the playground, I am reminded of how lucky I am to work in such an environment. SCS is a family where kindness and happiness amongst the children, resonates on the pathways. The fact the children have the opportunity to learn in such an environment every day, and that I get to be a part of their journey, is something special. That is what makes SCS a special place.


 3.     What makes SCS so different from other schools or places of work?

SCS replaces the concrete corridors of the schools in cities with safari paths. We include our outside environment into our classroom learning every day. This offers the opportunity for the children to have more nature-based knowledge. Not only is our outside environment different from your typical city school, so is the environment inside the classroom.


We focus on building each child to be who they want to be, to focus on themselves, and their drive to be the best they can be and set themselves healthy challenges. As our classes are small, the children become like family to one another where there is a pure love, kindness, and respect for one another. As this is instilled in the children, it is followed by the teachers as well - there is a general sense of respect and kindness amongst the staff.


4.     What is your lifetime dream or ambition?

 To make a difference.


5.     If you could name one positive thing that SCS has taught you, what would it be?

Two important things that SCS has taught me are to take a moment, step back and take it all in. The other thing is that kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

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