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February 11, 2021

Just like the rest of the world 2020 was a year like no other for Southern Cross Schools and we were faced with many challenges and quite a bit of change.

We were forced to reflect, strategise and adapt. Fortunately we were agile enough to identify new opportunities and to define and enhance what we already have. 2021 promises to bring more exciting opportunities and we are poised to tackle them with optimism, creativity and a renewed sense of purpose.  

Our new Website

The first part of our journey was the revamp of our website at the start of last year. Sadly this was temporarily halted by the onslaught of Covid-19, but we have subsequently completed the revamp and now have a fresh, new and progressive website.

Remodelled College

The new, progressive and modern College model has taken academics onto an online platform while still providing an onsite schooling environment. We know this is vital for all the connection, intimacy and camaraderie that physically attending school offers. This is what our College will now deliver: an IEB syllabus within an incredibly beautiful, natural environment, combined with the intimate emotional and social mentorship for learners. Many of our traditions such as the leadership development programmes and excursions, as well as sport and cultural activities, will remain in place.

We will continue to provide the well-rounded education on the Southern Cross College campus which we are so renowned for.


Excitingly we have put plans in place for the rebranding of Southern Cross Schools and along with this rebranding, the marketing team has focused on a clear and refined marketing plan for all our schools. The rebranding means a new badge, logo, colour pallet and written fonts, but it also means a new slogan: 'Cultivating a Confident future'. We feel this is where we are in how we approach academics, but also how we nurture our learners.

We believe our new brand is sleek and eye catching, it allows us to create brand familiarity which is so important in a consumer orientated environment. Now we have a professional look which streamlines all our marketing from our outgoing emails to our printed marketing banners.

Our Values

With all the change, we have remained loyal to a brand that will appeal to a vibrant audience  while continuing to underpin our steadfast values.

S – Spirit

T – Tenacity

A – Acceptance

R – Respect

S – Sustainability

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