Climbing the Mountain

August 28, 2023

In the second week of term, we took the Grade 9s up Mariepskop and into the Blyde Canyon for the annual Grade 9 hike - it was a chilly week.

It can be tough going at times, with long days and steep hills, while carrying a backpack with everything you need in it for the five days, but the experience is  terrific and well worth it (although some of the learners might disagree at the time). The views are stunning, the forest is beautiful, and the rest day at the picnic site on the Blyde River is well-earned.

There’s no doubt that this year’s group will look back on the hike with a sense of achievement, appreciation for nature, and grateful for the experience - and for hot showers and a soft bed.

We congratulate the entire class for their achievements, overcoming the challenge and learning from the experience. Well done!

Here are some of their thoughts on the challenge:

I found peace in walking alone, and I loved the waterfalls! Plus, I conquered my fear of heights while enjoying the magnificent views. — Karli

An experience to remember! Physically difficult, but it gave me a sense of great independence! — Jemima

It was a tough hike – very strenuous – but it was fun because we went through it as a group! – Janne

The Grade 9 hike taught me many valuable life lessons, one of them being: at the front there will always be competition; all you have to do is to keep your head down and focus on yourself. - Anon

Nature punished me. – Cassandra

The Grade 9 hike wasn’t just a journey, but an experience: one that allowed me to get closer to the people around me and test myself and my boundaries. – Isabella

The Mariepskop hike has been one of the best trips at SCS. It was a beautiful experience, and I enjoyed every single bit of it - especially the view. – Ntabi

How wonderful it is to spend four nights with all your friends in the middle of nowhere. There was lots of laughter, fun and tears. I would do this trip again any year! – Jordan

The hike was physically and mentally challenging, but taught me to persist through the pressure and helped me to believe in myself – Tom

This trip pushed me to all my limits, but I don't regret going. I'm grateful I got to experience it. - Anon

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