Meet Mr K, Our Head Of Boarding

February 9, 2022


 What is your role at SCS and how long have you been here?


My name is Kuziva Murambinda or Mr K, as I am affectionately known by my learners.  I’ve been at SCS for the past three and a half years and occupied different positions from being the HOD of Learner Affairs at the College to the current Head of the Boarding House. In addition, I am a Grade 9 mentor.


What skills are required to be Head of the Boarding house? What lessons do you try to impart on the learners in order to help guide them and make them into strong, kind and confident humans?


There are a lot of things involved when you are heading such an important department in a school. The beauty of this is that you are never alone. We have a team of dedicated duty parents who are there to make sure that everything is running smoothly. As the Head of Boarding, one has to be a parent first, and a teacher second. There is a huge demand of playing the pastoral role because you will be caring for children who come from different backgrounds. I’ve three children of my own, and then 38 other beautiful souls under my wing. This is not easy because most of them are teenagers.  Spending more time with them and getting to know each one of them makes my work easier. The love I give to my own children is the same love I give to each and every child in the boarding house. It needs patience, caring and a kind heart.


The biggest lesson one can impart onto a teenager is making sure that they believe in themselves. Teenagers always want to impress peers and most of the times find themselves making wrong decisions. There is a lot of peer pressure, and I always encourage our boarders to build self-confidence. Self-confidence comes with making right choices and trusting your decisions. This helps teenagers to become young citizens who are responsible and take accountability of their actions.



What makes SCS so different from other schools?


Where in the world would one experience that moment when teaching and a giraffe or zebra passes outside the classroom, or having a bush baby living in your classroom? I’ve worked in five different schools, both private and public, and to be honest, Southern Cross Schools has a unique culture of togetherness across the schools and its boarding house. The type of learners and colleagues always give one a positive vibe. Our boarders are respectful and well disciplined. One thing I admire most is the way they say “Thank you” to everything we do for them. It doesn’t matter how big or small. These words touch my heart every time I hear them. I’ve never regretted the day I decided to be part of SCS family.


What is your own personal lifetime dream or ambition?What would you like to be able to give your boards that you have not been able to yet?


I’ve seen and learnt a lot in my career and being part of SCS’s new system of learning has even helped me to see how we can take advantage of technology to make learning fun and affordable. As a Business and Maths teacher, one day I would like to start my own business that is able to help educate the youth. I’ve had so many grade 12’s passing through my hands and seeing them happy after achieving their high school goals and this always make me feel delighted. I would like to continue this as part of my future dreams.



If you could name one positive thing that SCS has taught you, what would it be?


That at work we are not only colleagues, but a family. Once a business creates such an environment, productivity increases. Everyone is motivated and willing to assist one another. Never do I worry that if  a sticky situation arises, I will find myself on my own. SCS family will always be there as a pillar of strength. This family culture does not only run in the employee’s circle but includes parents and students.

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