Meet the SCS family: Graeme Wuth

May 10, 2021


My name is Graeme Wuth and I have been part of the SCS family for 3 years now.


·       What drew you to Southern Cross Schools and what keeps you here?


I guess I was drawn to Hoedspruit because of my love for the bush and the environment. Also, the nature-based aspect to learning and everyday life was a huge pull factor. The welcoming, inclusive family ethos of the school is incredible and keeps me firmly rooted here.


·      What makes SCS so different from other schools or places of work?


The accepting, welcoming atmosphere and, of course, the fact that we are on a wildlife estate. We are unbelievably lucky to be surrounded by the natural world, and have animals visiting us on a daily basis.


·       What is your life long ambition?


It’s hard to pin down. I have many interests, dreams and ambitions, so I guess my lifetime dream is to pursue as many of these as possible, and to give it my all in whatever I am doing.


·       If you could name one positive thing that SCS has taught you, what would it be?


SCS has reminded me to always bounce back with a positive attitude, no matter the setback. The value of a supported family environment is seriously powerful and I am grateful to be part of that.

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